• Only if the children are suffering

    Why should the children suffer their mothers problems. I don't no who the mother is or if there is any signs of abuse but if the children are in pain and don't see this women as a mother, they should be taken away to a better home, somewhere that they will be loved and cared for.

  • All of her children should be taken away

    I do think all of her children should be taken away. For what? I don't know, because the question asked in no way indicates for what. However, the fact that the question was even asked must mean that there is a smoke. And where there is smoke there is fire.

  • She was a child abuser.

    It's clear that how a parent treats one child is a sign of how they will treat other children. Parents should know that they will treat their children well, or the children will be taken away and given to people who will take care of them. These childrren need better care than they got from their mother.

  • Mental bro jsut ment

    They need to be taking away because bro that mom is crzy like mom tom bob job nob rob that bank you ghost of yo past right on yo but when you want to suck alot every day just like my babe i have fame bro im the best yo.

  • Someone who treats their child that way

    Is not fit to be a parent. The abuse of that child is beyond acceptable, and a mother who did not seek help when the child was that malnourished and left them in such an unsanitary environment can not be trusted to provide adequate care to her other children.

    Even giving her the benefit of the doubt, and believing that the child may be mentally impaired and would need monitoring for their own safety this is still absolutely unacceptable.

    The amount of filth described could not have been built in a short time leaving someone in such unsanitary conditions is just asking for them to die.

    If she did in fact need to lock him up so she could monitor him when she was gone then she should have had a sitter or if not he may have needed to be placed in a institution where he could be given adequate care which she was not capable of providing.

    With the child as severely malnourished as claimed just the fact that she did not seek medical care is abuse in and of itself.

  • No, probably not.

    While I'm not sure who this question is referring to, I don't feel that children should be ripped away from their parents, in general. Unless this woman is a monster and her children are in danger, it might be a better idea to provide the mother with training, counseling, and supervision until she can get her act together.

  • No; the court has not proven fault on her part

    Unless a legal hearing can determine she is not providing adequate care for her children, there is no right to take them away. Rumors of neglect are purely hearsay, with nothing factual to back them up; the burden of proof rests within the family court to substantiate wrongdoing on her part.

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Arget says2017-01-12T03:23:00.163
Seriously people, read the d*** article!! For what, for what?!?!?! For locking her child in a bathroom for over a year! For having an extremely malnourished child without seeking medical care! For locking a child in a room covered in SHIT!!! Because the actions mentioned are not that of a fit parent but of a psycho! That is for what!!!!!

If you willfully choose to not inform yourself of at least the information on the topic presented (the article in this case) then you should not be making a judgement that might be condemning an innocent, or advocating for horror. I know that there are plenty of problems with misinformation these days, but choosing not to even take the first step of seeking information (reading the article) does not allow you to even potentially make an informed decision.