Do you think all places should be like California and have Mandatory Vaccinations?

  • Why is this still an argument.

    First off, Anyone who does any research on vaccines needs to do research on the toll the disease took before a vaccine was found. A great example is the ultimate killer: Consumption. There is no vaccine for it. None. But an antibiotic was developed to combat it. 1 in 2 people before the antibiotic existed died or suffered as a result of Consumption. 1 in 2. Let that sink in. This is something we cannot cure but slowly eradicated until the 1980's when those with HIV/AIDS caught it and the disease morphed to become antibiotic resistant. That is one disease that has existed since human writing began thousands of years ago. Now lets look at a disease that isn't as bad but is still thorough in killing, Mostly children. Measles is a nasty disease that we have, Effectively cured until recently. A good example of what will happen (FOR SURE) if we allow some to choose to vaccinate or not is Disneyland a few years back. One not vaccinated kid did all that. I for sure do NOT want to lose any children I bear like women had to deal with a century ago because some people decide their kids are too good for vaccination. No one is above getting ill and considering how close we are to completely eradicating some of these horrible horrible diseases, I hate the though that even a few people will take that opportunity away from humanity. I do think there needs to be a punishment, And I think it should be as much on the parent as the child. Attending school should not be allowed unless the child is vaccinated, And attending any public events or locations should be stopped to keep others safe. In the past, Offenders were marked, Though we don't do that anymore, It should be marked on ID cards that someone is not vaccinated so as to allow others to know they are unsafe. Because they are unsafe.

  • As a High-Functioning Autistic Adult, Vaccination Should be Mandatory

    If you think vaccines can cause autism, you are wrong. That's it. I've done my research, I'm autistic, it's almost always genetic in origin. Don't try to tell me what made me autistic and provide disproved examples of causes.

    For the people arguing that we know nothing about the contents of vaccines, do some research. Contact the CDC, talk to your doctor, talk to someone qualified to explain the contents, risks, and benefits of vaccination.

    For those afraid of needles, there are new options hitting the market soon, one of which being a micro-needle patch that looks like a small plastic disk. It's actually really cool.

    Regardless, herd immunity is an important thing to maintain. There are people who literally cannot be vaccinated. To keep those people safe, almost everyone else needs to be vaccinated. Requiring that children are vaccinated (unless they will die as a result) is extremely important. To not vaccinate yourself, your children, etc. if possible is disgusting, unethical, and selfish.

  • Yes, and shut up about "Statism"

    There's nothing wrong with vaccines, and if paranoid parents do not want their children to have them, then the state should take over the parental role and provide vaccines for them. There is no comprehensive evidence that vaccines can actually cause autism, or other such defects. Moreover, by doing this we will help stop the spread of diseases by children that are vaccinated to those who are not, perhaps in other nations.

  • No it should be our decision!

    It's an invasion of privacy. Our bodies have proven to eradicate it and vaccines can cause autism, too. I think it's retarded to make everyone get poked by people who have no idea what they are doing! What do you think? Mandatory for every person? Or what? Please tell me!

  • Should it be mandatory for the state to put fluids we know nothing about into our children's bodies? No!

    If you wanna get vaccinated then no one has a problem with that. America is and never has been a nation to force things on people. We believe in tge freedom of choice. This has worked for hundreds of years and nothing too bad has happened. No statistics accurately show that people who aren't vaccinated are a health hazard or something. I personally am not against vaccines if they are given right. Loading up kids with so many different vaccinations right out of the womb is probably not so good. Even though I'm not personally against it, I don't believe forcing it on everyone.

  • Pure luggage behind you

    The man in the basement drinking chicken soup with a sprinkle of vege salt inside a coffin!!!!!! He's your grandpa!!! Strictly defined as an aspect of the category "ALL," the man... Or apparent son of you father shall not receive mandaatory vaccinations. Not because of his situation, however, the side effects, harmful, unnatural ingredients, not their decision and his apparent religion. I am the woman who delivered vege pizza to your door.... The pizza was vegan.

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