• Are they based on evidence?

    If they are based on faith and emotional appeal I would say yes. If they are based on logical and critical thinking I would say no. So ask yourself if your biggest selling point has a logical basis that isn't a false dichotomy or logical fallacy. You probably can't tell so I'll just let you know, you have no evidence and all of your proof that you claim is logical, isn't. Because everytime you use the word "god" I could replace that word with invisible pink elephant and your claim would be no less credible than it was before.

  • Seen one magic sky fairy, seen them all.

    All religions which insist on faith over reason should be considered cults, absolutely. There is no larger weight around the neck of humanity than our unwillingness to give up on fairy tales. Organized religion is a cancer, which has been used throughout history to subjugate, and enslave. Or just plain murder. If God will know his own, they should go to him, let the rest of us get on with real work like getting off this rock.

  • No, not all religions are cults.

    I do not believe that all religions should be considered as cults. I think that some religions are not something that should be viewed as an entity that exists for the few. SInce a lot of religions have a lot of followers, they definitely operate differently than cults. If religions are cults, then even something like political parties could be considered as such.

  • There many who do not go over board

    I think the problem most people have with religion is how obsessed some people are. I know a few people that love their religion but not look down on others for not believing the same thing they do. They also do not hate gay people and understand they were born that way. On that note, I do not think all religions are cults because not everyone tries to brainwash people.

  • All religions should not be considered cults.

    All religions should not be considered cults. Religion should be practiced freely and without any prejudice from anyone else. I believe that people should be allowed to believe in whatever they want to and that it is not a cult. If you do not believe what a church is preaching you are free to walk away.

  • I do not think all religions should be considered cults.

    I do not think all religions should be considered cults. Religions are widespread organizations of belief systems that include scriptures, holy places and sacred histories. A cult is usually used to refer to a small group of people who believe in deviant or novel ideas. The term cult is usually used in a derogatory manner and is often associated with brainwashing.

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