Do you think allopathic medicine should be taught to medical doctors in med school?

  • Medicine is a science

    Allopathic methods are those whose efficacy has been proven through rigorous scientific study. Naturopathic medicine is not always subjected to the same rigor. When naturopathic methods are shown to work, they become allopathic! I think there's some confusion here about what allopathic means. It's not an alternative, it's that to which all else is an alternative.

  • Allopathic medicine is great for surgeries

    Allopathic medicine should continue to be taught, but only with having alternative medicine integrated with it side-by-side. Patients have the best chance of survival if we integrate thousand-year old remedies from people such as the Indians and the Chinese. Allopathic medicine is especially useful, though, in disciplines such as emergency surgery, where people have been structurally harmed.

  • Allopathic medicine should be taught to medical students in med school

    Allopathic medicine encompasses many different areas of the healing arts. This type of medicine is regularly practiced in various ways throughout many areas of the world. Millions and millions of individuals around the world have been helped during their illnesses by using allopathic treatments. As the world becomes more and more multicultural, there will be more and more individuals, even in the West, that will expect to be treated using allopathic medicinal strategies. Allopathic medicine provides comfort and peace of mind to many throughout the world during times of sickness. Therefore, medical students should learn some of these strategies so that they can employ them in their practice when certain illnesses and certain patients may benefit from it.

  • Doctors should learn about all different ways to treat a patient with medicine.

    The more knowledge a doctor can gain on the best methods to treat a patient are vital. However, I do know that allopathic medicine is the main form of medicine taught in medical school. There are always advances in medicine and doctors need to learn to keep up with what is changing. I also believe that homeopathic medicine should also be taught in medical school as well.

  • Alternatives Should Be Covered

    I believe it would be far better to cover allopathic medical options while a student is studying in med school. I believe doctors should be aware of these topics and well educated on them. They should know what works and what doesn't and know how to answer questions from patients regarding these alternatives.

  • Home remedies aren't guarenteed

    Home remedies have been shown to work in many cases, however there is no guarantee behind a lot of their practices. While there is no guarantee behind anything, the science and testing done by the FDA and medical practices on actual medicine are much more reliable. Most of the people who go see doctors aren't looking for an allopathic solution. It's good knowledge but when it comes down to it, the manufactured medicine saves many more lives.

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