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  • I do not think Amanda Knox is guilty of murder.

    Amanda Knox is not guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher. Rudy Guede has been found guilty of the rape and murder of Meredith Kercher. Guede's DNA was found on the scene and he had a motive and criminal history. It is unreasonable to believe that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend at the time assisted Guede in the rape and murder of Meredith Kercher.

  • No, there is not enough evidence to support Knox.

    According to many accounts, Knox was considered guilty for her behavior during police questioning. Every individual reacts differently to stress. Some laugh, some cry and some cannot even talk. This is not sufficient evidence by which to convict Amanda Knox for the murder she was originally convicted of carrying out.

  • No, Amanda Knox is not guilty.

    Although Amanda Knox is being subjected to a second trial for murder in Italy, after being found not guilty in the first trial, the evidence supports the proposition that she is not guilty of the crime charged. All of the evidence tying Knox to the scene of the crime is circumstantial. While circumstantial evidence can be enough to convict, in the case of Knox, there is enough doubt regarding her participation in the crime to render a guilty verdict legally unreasonable.

  • Amanda Knox is not guilty.

    Significant evidence was introduced into the Amanda Knox case to cast doubt on her guilt. A book written about her that contained a lot of fabricated information no doubt influenced popular opinion about her guilt in Italy. Furthermore, information obtained from Knox by police was the result of police brutality. There is little hard evidence to support her guilt.

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