• Massive aid programs.

    Yes, I think that Americans have done enough to help Haiti, because we have aid programs for them all the time. Haiti is on the same island as the Dominican Republic, and yet the Dominican Republic does well while Haiti continues to struggle with a corrupt government and with continuous diseases.

  • Yes We Have

    I believe America did a lot to help Haiti after there earthquake and that assistance should be seen as enough. Americans sent their own money to help the efforts in Haiti. Many Americans traveled to Haiti to help first hand. The American government also sent a substantial amount. I think I efforts were appropriate given the circumstances.

  • No probably not

    When it comes to the issue of Haiti and the after part in the years that have come afterward more probably could have been done for the country at large. This includes a variety of different things that goes much further than what most people think of which is money. We could of invested in the country in other ways.

  • I don't think that America has done enough to help Haiti

    Haiti is a country with tremendous problems. Since Haiti gained its independence from France in the 18th century Haiti has had a contentious relationship with the United States. The United States has been involved in behaviors which are totally inconsistent with the professed ideals of this country. The US can do more by being more true to her ideals.

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