• Yes, America is in an unemployment crisis.

    I do think America is in an unemployment crisis. Jobs are becoming more and more scarce. I know in my city unemployment is a very serious issue. Every time a single job opening is available there are hundreds of people fighting for one job opening. With companies shutting down, workers being laid off, and jobs being shipped overseas this contributes to the crisis.

  • Yes, Jobs are scarce

    I believe that America is in a unemployment crisis not as bad as a couple of years ago but it is not getting consistently better. In the 90's I could just go to a job and get hired instantly. Now it's a lot more competitive. It is sad when people cannot find jobs because many people are willing to work.

  • Unemployment remains a problem, but it is not a crisis.

    While the levels of unemployment remain a significant problem, I would not classify it as a crisis, especially when compared with many other countries. The vast majority of Americans have been able to find work, and the government is able to support those who cannot. A true crisis would be when such a large proportion of the population is unemployed that the social support network can no longer be maintained.

  • Plenty of jobs now

    No, right now the unemployment crisis has bounced back and we are doing alright. There is a problem with the economy as a whole still, mostly because the government is so deep in debt. The unemployment rate has been brought back up to a level that is not to bad.

  • I think America WAS in an employment crisis, but things are turning around.

    With as close to a depression as we were in a few years ago we have begun to turn it around. It would of been much sooner, but the Republicans would not give as much as they needed to to make the necessary changes in order to make the economy start to recover. Jobs are being created and people are going back to work.

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