Do you think America should continue to be a world leader (yes) or let other countries pick up the slack (no)?

  • Continue being a world leader.

    I am an American, so maybe there is bias on my part. But before I started traveling the world, I was upset with America. Thought we were going down the tubes. But, after visiting many countries over the years, I am convinced that the overall quality of life in the USA and the attitude is the best in the world.

  • America is a world leader

    America is a world leader whether we like it or not. Even if America were to step back and let other countries fill the void where funding and military action were concerned, America would still be a cultural world leader thanks to the globally-popular exports from the U.S. in the way of movies and music.

  • But in a different direction

    The United States should continue to be a world leader. However, the US needs to go about it differently. The US should cut its monetary foreign aid. There is historical data that proves this method of power does not benefit the United States as a whole and more often than not that aid is used to prop up governments and groups that do not have the United States best interests in mind.

  • It's not our job.

    I do not think America should continue to be a world leader, because other countries should take the brunt of terrorist attacks for a change. If we did not try to police the entire world, maybe the terrorists would leave us alone and go after someone else. We should just try being like Canada.

  • US Not A Big Brother

    I do not believe it is wise for the United States to play big brother and even if they do in some cases, we should also let other countries pick up the slack. I do not believe the world needs the United States to oversee everything that happens and I believe most countries feel this way also.

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