• He was a dictator.

    Yes, I think that America should have taken military actions against Qaddafi, because he oppressed the people of Libya. He was a brutal dictator that should have been dealt with harshly by his own people. America was correct to think that taking action to put him out of business was a good idea.

  • Usps does not use any tax revenue. Be informed before you vote.

    Do your homework. Congress/Bush passed legislation that makes USPS look like they are in the red, When they are only revenue generating government body. If I made 100k but wanted 200k in my 401k, I could say I was 100k in red. Thats whats happening in simplified terms. You are voting to hand over business that generates billions and provides Service equally to all. Private company will gladly take the revenue and cut services.

  • No they should not.

    America was right in not taking action against Qaddafi. It is not time for more wars or the U.S. to come along and start shoving its nose into other peoples business, their is a reason we are American and they are their own country, let them do as they please over there.

  • America should have taken military actions

    No America should have taken military actions against Qaddafi. We get too involved in other countries problems without addressing our own half the time. It is the right thing to intervene when they really need our help but not when we ar just going over there to pull a power trip.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe America should have taken military actions against Qaddafi. I believe it is best for America to stay out of foreign conflicts where they have absolutely to interests. I think America needs to pull back and stop playing big brother to all these countries. This government is no better.

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