• All beliefs should be respected

    One of the greatest marks of an immature or narrow minded individual is the inability to accept other people's beliefs. When they are confronted with difference, they lash out or go into an extremely defensive posture. It would be better to promote tolerance and respect for different cultures, even if they are called cults.

  • First, let's define Cult.

    Cult: a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous.
    Seeing that all religions at one time would have fit this description means that all religions at one time were cults.
    This does not mean that we should promote respect for all cults because not all cults fall within the law.
    Example 1:
    Because human sacrifice is illegal, we should not promote respect for religions that practice it.
    Example 2:
    Because the KKK is based on religious beliefs they could be considered a cult and because their practice involves illegal actions and/or condones discrimination we should not promote respect for its practices.
    By promoting respect, I do not mean they need to accept their beliefs but to be allowed to believe, without persecution, as they see fit within the laws.

  • The opinion headline shows innate bias...

    No, I don't think the government should promote respect of any particular religion or cult. However, my reasons for this are more out of love for the Constitution than hatred of the cults themselves. The First Amendment to the Constitution states that the government shall not promote any religion, or prohibit the practice thereof. So our law says "no" to this opinion.

  • America should not promote respect for the religious beliefs of cults.

    America should not promote respect for the religious beliefs of cults. Cults should be disbanded and prohibited from being able to operate in America. There is no place for cults in our society today and we should not be the ones that would have to fund them. I think it is wrong.

  • No, America shouldn't promote respect the beliefs of cults.

    While I do not think that America should promote the respect of the religious beliefs of cults, I think that people should not be disrespectful of them as well. I think people should have the right to voice their opinions and believe in anything as long as it is against the law.

  • No, not at all.

    I think we should promote the constitution, which says that we all have freedom of religion. I respect your choice to be in a religion or a cult, but I do not have to respect the beliefs of your religion or cult. Especially as an atheist who finds it all very silly.

  • They hurt children.

    No, I do not think that America should promote respect for the religious beliefs of cults, because cults often result in the abuse of children. If children are not systemically abused in a cult, then they all have beliefs that harm all of them, like suicide. People just end up being victimized, and there are better ways to live life. America does not need to respect abuse.

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