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  • Not in a Million years

    We Americans simply cannot fight the war between good and evil and win,especially with many people joining the ISIS.This sounds like a very far fetched goal for the US.No one can stop terror but they can resist it.This new world has given way to the "one world one government" scheme which will surely lead to catastrophy.

  • You can't win.

    No, I do not think that American will ever win the War on Terror, because that is not a war that you can completely win. We always have to be vigilant about the issue of terrorism. It is not a situation where the terrorists will approach us to sign a cease fire.

  • The war on terror will never be won

    The war on terror is basically inviting conflict from anyone that doesn't agree with the US culture or government. The war has already been established. There is no clear enemy, so there is never going to be a clear victory. This was the intention of those that created the rhetoric. This way, all of the civil rights violations done in the name of the war on terror could be justified.

  • There's no way to win.

    There is no way to win the "war on terror" which is why the defense contractors love it so much. There is no central enemy or ideology that can be targeted. The only thing we can do is keep setting up the cronies of our elected leaders with sweet military logistics and supply contracts to fight a faceless enemy.

  • Another Over Reaching Goal

    Just as a government can not eradicate drugs with a War on Drugs, a government can not eradicate terrorists with a War on Terror. The United States has developed a problem with starting wars on overbearing and large problems that can not be won by war alone. The War on Terror is just another example of that.

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