Do you think America will win the war in Afghanistan?

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  • There are no clear-cut victory conditions, and the only way to gain one by default is... Actually pretty acceptable.

    The only way to get a victory in Afghanistan is to fry the place so hard the worms choke on the dust. Until then, we're just throwing expensive warm bodies and materiel at people who don't want us there.
    America should pull out of that worthless piece of sand and rock and simply seal its borders from the other side.

  • No, the United States will not win the war in Afghanistan.

    The prime reason that America will not win the war being conducted in Afghanistan is the fact that the United States has already made agreements to allow the Afghanistan government to conduct the ground operations against al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The troops of the Afghanistan military are not trained, nor do they have the ability, to conduct this type of ground combat. The status quo will remain in place.

  • America can't win in Afghanistan

    The war in Afghanistan is just going to drag on because in the end, there is a significant number of people in that country who don't want peace. They don't like the West or Western ideas and they will not settle under a democratic system. It's just another Vietnam situation, best to pull out and pretend the whole thing never happened.

  • No, I don't think America will win the war in Afghanistan.

    I don't believe it is possible to ever win the war in Afghanistan, at best the United States can eliminate some terrorist networks and disrupt their leadership but overall the nation will always be plagued with terrorist groups that take refuge in that country, I think it was always a mistake to go to war in that country.

  • No I don't

    There is no winning the war in Afghanistan. We tried to get rid of the Taliban in Afghanistan, but if anything we made their hold stronger and the second we leave they will return from Pakistan to fill the void. I think that there is no winning this was and we just need to get out.

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