• They do what they can.

    For all those to say no, think about it this way. Poverty is an unfortunate thing that's plagues society's. I get that we want poverty gone. However, getting rid of poverty all together only works in theory. We can try all we can do, but there will always be poverty no matter what!

  • They do their best.

    Yes, I think that American charities do enough to end local and national poverty, because today, people cannot do enough to give to charity, because taxes are so high. In America, no person needs to go hungry; there are food pantries. No person needs to be cold; there are homeless shelters.

  • No, they don't.

    There is a ton of poverty in the United States, and the charities do not do nearly enough to end it. If they really wanted to end it, they would have to get involved in politics both local and national to fix things like healthcare, education, and payment for work.

  • Help is STILL Wanted

    There are a number of charities and organizations available to those that know how to access assistance from these institutions; however, frequently, those who are experiencing extreme and sudden poverty are widely left outside the circle of information and accessibility. It appears that those who already receive assistance and do not seek alternatives to better themselves take the majority of assistance available, much to the chagrin of the very organizations that are established to help the needy. By in large, these organizations want to help the truly needy, but until a meaningful connection is made between the givers and receivers of assistance those truly in desperate need will remain so.

  • Poverty Still a Huge Problem

    The Great Recession made Americans realize the wage gap is a huge problem in the United States. More and more people are below the poverty line and more people rely on food stamps and government handouts rather than get two or three jobs to stop the cycle. Charities need to focus on immediate needs of food and shelter, but then they need to help with things such as job placement and education as well. Otherwise, the poverty cycle will never be broken without an educated labor force.

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