• Yes They Can

    I believe American scholars can resist China's control. American scholars are removed from the pressures of China unless they opt to look into those pressures. China doesn't affect the average American citizen and many scholars are beyond their points as well. While our government may feel pressure, we do not.

  • Yes why not

    Why would scholars in the United States of America not be able resist the control of China. What is this question being based on? The scholars in the United States of America should be able to resist anything they want if they choose to go down that path instead of another.

  • Yes they can

    Yes they can they are some of the brightest and smartest people around. You have to be of a certain mindset to fall for a control tactics. You can't just sit there and say we are going to follow everything China tells one to do in their every day life.

  • Best in the world

    People love the idea that Chinese scholars are brilliant and the best in the world - likely due to the highly educated and hard working Asian American population in the US taken as a blanket stereotype of the whole population. Ultimately, however, the scholars in America are the best in the world.

  • Yes, American scholars can resist China's control

    As much as China as a country and power is advancing as a power in the world stage, I do not think that is still really a place for people to view it as a place for freedom. I think that a lot of American scholars will still be able to easily resist China's control due to it strict control and governing.

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