Do you think Americans are judged more by the color of their skin (yes) or the content of their character (no)?

  • America is destroying peoples lives and suspects:

    This argument is very controversial because its equally laid on each side. I say yes because many people are still racist after what has been done in the past, for the future. I am not only talking about white folks but i am also talking about all: black, white, Indian, Mexican and so on. I find this extremely disappointing because many people fought for our rights, willed to give up their lives and families for the future to be a better place and all we humans are doing today is destroying their believes.

  • Americans Judged By Skin Color

    Yes, Americans are judged far too often by the color of their skin than the content of their character. Racism, both systemic and de facto, is still prevalent in society today. Though progress has been made by leaps and bounds, the color of one's skin still determines much of one's opportunities.

  • Character Counts in America

    In the United States, people are more concerned about what type of person you are (good or bad) than the color of your skin. While people may at first react a certain way because of racial or ethnic differences, they quickly see and judge the person inside. Skin color is much less important in America than character.

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