• Military service is valuable

    It would be beneficial if all citizens were required to provide a year of military. This would make all people see the incredible importance that our military men and women provide for this country and what great sacrifices they make. Many people do not appreciate or even care for the military.

  • I don't think military service should be required

    I do not think military service should be required. The size of our military is already adequate. Increasing its size would just add to the expense of maintaining it. Also one year is not enough time to become a competent soldier. These short termers would only be adequate for very menial tasks.

  • No: Americans Should Not be Required to Provide Military Service

    The choice to kill others is something of a personal matter. No person should be compelled to be put into a position of killing others. In today's globalized world, military service is tantamount to murder for power and profit, serving the multi-national corporate state. Being forced to participate directly in a system which we already are indirectly participating in only adds to the injustice of the world.

  • No, but perhaps community service.

    We already have a very violent culture in the United States and we do not need to force our young people who may not be geared toward the military to serve in this way. It would only encourage us to be in more wars than we already are. But a year of community service is not a bad idea.

  • No they should not

    No, I do not think that the people of this country need to provide a year of military service. I think that they need to only let people in the military that are wanting to, so that we will get the best that there is and be a whole lot stronger.

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