• Yes, Amy Schumer did a great job.

    Amy Schumer's opening monologue had the whole audience laughing. The video segment was funny and creative. The dance routine was purposefully awkward, but it was funny. She made remarks about MTV not playing music which were right on the money. Some of her jokes were a little tasteless, but that tends to be true of comedians in general these days. Overall she was a hit.

  • Yes, Amy Schumer did a fantastic job hosting the MTV Movie Awards.

    In typical hilarious fashion, Amy Schumer blew everybody away with her risque, say-anything style at the MTV Movie Awards. In her first attempt as host of the huge event, she showed no nervousness - quite the opposite actually as she poked fun at everybody from Kevin Hart to Snooki to even herself.

  • She kept everyone hooked!

    Overall, I think Amy did a good job hosting the MTV Movie Awards. She was able to keep the audience entertained, which helped the audience at home to stay hooked in. The night flowed smoothly and seamlessly, and everyone from the presenters, to the award winners, to fans seemed to have a great time!

  • Amy Schumer Was A Good Host

    While the presentation may have lacked controversy that is often associated with a 'good' awards show presentation, Amy Schumer hosted the awards without any major issue, and the broadcast was generally entertaining. While she may not have been engaging enough to warrant a second hosting stint, nothing occurred to warrant saying that she did a bad job.

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