Do you think an Ex-cop should be imprisoned after raping children while he was on duty?

  • Yes. I agree.

    This is very true. An ex-cop ought to be imprisoned after raping children while he was on duty. It is never too late to arrest someone with such an offense. This is because he might have been feared while he was in line of duty making it hard for the people to take action against them.

  • Yes, rape is a felony and the ex-cop betrayed the public trust

    The former police officer should definitely be imprisoned for rape. It would have been bad enough had he been a regular civilian; however, his crime is particularly egregious. He violated his duties as a police officer and betrayed the trust the public had placed in him. Furthermore, he raped not an adult, but children.

  • Rape is A Punishable Crime

    Anyone that rapes anybody should be imprisoned and punished accordingly. This is especially heinous because he was a person in a position of authority and he abused it by taking advantage of children and forever ruining and traumatizing their lives. He should be punished with the maximum extent of the law for his crimes.

  • Yes, an ex-copy should be imprisioned for raping children.

    The ex-cop needs to be tried and punished for his crimes. This is particularly disturbing because of the authoritative nature of police and the trauma imposed on innocent trusting children. It shows that there are many ways that police can use their access and authority for harm rather than protection.

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