Do you think an openly gay player in the NFL would cause a distraction?

  • Yes, an openly gay player in the NFL would cause issues.

    The NFL is composed of an all male workforce. Having an openly gay player on any team would create a large distraction. For one, the media would use it to sell reports of meaningless stories about the the player being openly gay. For two, the players would find it awkward to shower and spend time in the locker room with the openly gay individual.

  • Of course he would

    An openly gay player would obviously cause a major distraction just like Jackie Robinson caused a major distraction for the Dodgers. That does not mean a team should not sign a gay player just like it did not mean that the Dodgers should not have signed Jackie Robinson. The media will cover the first gay player 24/7/365 until everyone gets used to it.

    Once the initial media hailstorm ends the world will go on and the only thing that matters is whether or not the guy can play. I imagine that we'll see this first in the NBA when Jason Collins signs with a team this spring. It won't be easy being the first openly gay player, but it is going to happen.

  • No he wouldn't

    He still acts professionally and represents himself well to his fans and the public.He doesn't show that he is gay during a game.He wasn't the only first gay player,University of Massachusetts guard,Derrick Gorden was the first gay player in division 1 basketball.If he didn't retire he would still be leading the team to victory.

  • Why Judge So Fast?

    I was on a team before. Not a famous team obviously. It was my schools volleyball team. A girl on the teamed treated me like crap. She didn't have an open heart. I was different yet the best volleyball player. I spoke to my friend who happened to be a lesbian about whats been happening to me. She told me that she might be gay but she has an opened heart and that's all that matters. I agree and you should too. Would you rather have a lgbt person with an open heart play on your team or a very rude and sassy person play? You choose.

    Posted by: Hagi
  • Why would it?

    Unless the player is wearing a pink tutu the size of New Mexico, i think he's ok. He would probably take it as seriously as anyone else, if he has a passion for the game. If he has his head in the game, he will maybe help lead the team to victory, and that's great!

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