Do you think anarchy could work (social, individual, anarchosyndicalism etc.)?

Asked by: MisterNobody
  • Government is an unessesary evil

    Society doesn't need a government to survive. Were people to be free of higher restricting power, more would get done, and existing institutions that either serve no purpose or need a lot of reformation could be taken care of. Ex: we have a teenager who we will call Joe. Joe is very intelligent, and does well in school, but all he wants to do with his life is to become a plumber. Joe learns that he needs a high school diploma to do that job, so he goes through his AP and Honors courses to get a diploma to be a plumber. He didn't go to college, and he forgot most of what he learned in school because it was unessesary for plumbing. He didn't need the higher education to do his job we'll, but because of our government, he needed to learn about quadratic functions and theorems and US history first. Is that a good job on our governments part?

  • We need laws.

    Anarchy although good on paper would never work like communism. People in general are not good or moral. Our society has the mindset to get ahead how ever possible. We cheat steal and kill to get ahead. It would be so much worse if it was legal and there was no law to govern us.

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