Do you think Android will produce a viable tablet computer to compete with Apple's iPad?

  • Yes They Will

    I believe Android will produce a viable tablet computer to compete with Apple's iPad. I think they've already released many options they just haven't snatched the market share away yet. These tablets are unimpressive and sometimes not as easy to use as iPad. I don't think Apple will do much to impress in the next couple of years. This should give the Android market ample time to make headway.

  • Yes, Android will produce a viable tablet to compete with the iPad

    Androids are getting better and better and the iPad essentially stays the same year after year. Phones are already moving in the direction of Android surpassing iPhone in terms of hardware and software. In a short time period Android tablets will surpass iPad's, as some of the greatest technology minds have moved on from Apple products.

  • An Apple Everyday

    While Android's technology and available software is growing by leaps and bounds, competing with Apple is practically an exercise in futility. This is not because there will never be a company to succeed them in their advancements or will never be as aesthetically pleasing to users. The reason is simply customer loyalty. Apple customers are among the most loyal in the technology business and will actually go out of their way to pay extra costs for Apple equipment when their workplace or lifestyle could easily benefit from something more frugal. This is partially because owning Apple products, with their costly equipment and supposed dedication to individuality, acts as a status symbol among Generation X, Y, and even younger users. When a status symbol such as this has been lionized and pushed for years by both the company and peers, then the qualities of other companies will not likely be enough to sway the mind of a person emotionally or socially attached to a business and its products.

  • No they have failed

    There is a major difference when it comes to these two different things. The one thing that Apple has for them is that they are much more together when it comes to their products no matter what it is. However, Android can not argue that it has the same type of branding for them when it comes to them.

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