• What evidence do you have for your belief that he is dead?

    This man is (or was) a genius, and he practically gave birth to the idea of trolling. It's entirely possible that his death is completely fictitious, and even if it isn't it further underscores his brilliance. He devoted his adult life to being so unorthodox that decades later the mere mention of him being alive has sparked debate across the nation. Even if he is, in fact, dead, his spirit literally lives on through these discussions.

  • Andy researched faking his death in great detail and was obsessed with it.

    He wrote a script, four years before his death, describing a character who fakes his own death -- dying from the same disease he did at the same hospital. He talked with at least ten people, including death hoax master Alan Abel, about how to do it. Of course he's alive.

  • He is dead

    I despise celebrity death hoax theories. Tupac is dead, B smalls is dead, Micheal Jackson is dead, and andy kaufman is dead. As is Walt Disney (suspended animation? Bullcrap). Anyone who has an average level intellect will brush these theories away as hopeful denial of fans who need to get a life, or as theories of people who also believe we never landed on the moon, the pope was a woman, and aliens shot the nose off the sphinx.

  • Still screwing with us, from the grave.

    Nope I think he died a long time ago, what with coughing blood for a month and having lung cancer. There are numerous pictures and footage of the cancer-afflicted Kaufman, skinny and unwell. He went for radiotherapy and by the time he died the cancer had spread to his brain...So...I think he died.

    I love the idea that he still has the power to freak people out though.

  • There is a death certificate...

    Signed by his doctor of 5 years. No MD is going to risk having his medical license revoked and facing jail time to help someone pull off a joke. Not to mention the mortician. He's dead, deal with it.


    Don't know what else to say about this, but I have to have at least 50 words, so this sentence is here.

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