Do you think Anita Bryant's religious views are hypocritical?

  • I think so

    She certainly has the right to her beliefs. But if she's truly a Christian, it is hypocritical for her to crusade against laws protecting homosexuals from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation. Christianity is supposed to be about love. That's not very loving. You can "hate sin, but not the sinner" but it appears that she wasn't able to do that.

  • The woman is a huge hypocrite.

    Any hate filled anti-gay Christian is a hypocrite, so yes of course I do. Anita Bryant is a sad little woman who did a lot of damage to the equal rights movement in the 1970s. But I personally thought she got her comeuppance when she divorced her hypocrite Christian husband, and was immediately shunned by all of her fellow hypocrite Christianists.

  • Anita Bryant saves the children from the gays, but not poverty.

    Anita Bryant started a campaign that eventually barred homosexual couples from adopting children. This law is still in effect today. However, what has it done? Gay people still exist in Dade County. The only thing the law effectively does is keeps children in the corrupt foster care system, or worse. People who are willing and capable to adopt should be allowed to do so. There is nothing proving that gay people are any more prone to abusing children more than straight couples (the opposite has been proven true though.) Beyond that, Gay parents do not indoctrinate their children to strictly be gay. Most straight parents do indoctrinate their children to be straight though.

  • Not Really Hypocritical

    I do not believe Anita Bryant's religious views were particularly hypocritical. Anita Bryant was a singer with what seemed to be a rising music career until she started voicing her opinions which generally came off as unpopular to the majority. This in turn ruined her career and she didn't end up having the ideal life she thought people should have as a younger person. In a way, I think she got what she deserved, but she wasn't necessarily hypocritical in her views.

  • She can have opinions.

    No, I do not think that Anita Bryant's religious views are hypocritical, because she also disagrees with homosexual marriage. A person can have an opinion without being a hypocrite. She has views that are very traditional, and that makes her consistent not a hypocrite. Someone who has strong morals is not a hypocrite, just because they are willing to take a stand.

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