• Yes, Ann Coulter is a reactionary.

    Ann Coulter is someone who makes a lot of money and gains a lot of fame by putting down all the civil rights that people have won or are trying to win. Because she is attractive, she gets even more credence than someone like Rush Limbaugh, but she shouldn't because she is just his female counterpart.

  • Don't flatter rush

    Ann is making America great again with her writings and I believe she will be in history books one day once Donald trump wins the presidency due to reading her book Adios America

    "You are without a doubt the sharpest mind and the sharpest tongue on the right" according to Lou Dobs

  • Ann Coulter is not Rush Limbaugh

    To compare Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh is only effective if you are defining them as conservatives. She has made a name for herself as a political analyst all on her own. Those that oppose her views may liken her to Rush based on their blind opposition to anyone conservative. Ann Coulter is simply more convincing of her arguments because she roots her discussions in facts. Rush is just another spin doctor.

  • Ann Coulter is not just a female version of Rush Limbaugh.

    Ann Coulter is not just a female version of Rush Limbaugh. Although she has similar political beliefs, everyone on Fox news shares these traits. She is a lot less controversial than Rush Limbaugh. As a woman, she is obviously less mysogynistic than Limbaugh also. Both personalities have many differences between them.

  • Similar views though

    Two people can seem to have very similar views and still shoot for the same audience or other group of people. Rush and Ann do, certainly, have very similar views regarding many issues, and they do have a lot of overlap between them, but their presentation is somewhat different in some ways.

  • She is not as smart.

    No, Ann Coulter is not just a female version of Rush Limbaugh, because Limbaugh is more entertaining and engaging than Coulter is. Coulter seeks to be the shock jock of conservatives. She wants to say outlandish things just to get attention. Limbaugh is far more skilled as a communicator, and more popular among a wider group of people.

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