• Finally Shut Her Up

    Me, I'm a conservative - seriously conservative. So is Ann. But she doesn't care about the average American. She's happy to repeal Medicaid, social security and all forms of government assistance for the poor. The poor are people, but to Ann saving a couple of thousand in taxes is more important than saving American lives.
    She keeps on tweeting, blogging etc about all of this and if she ran and got terrored in the vote she might finally shut up.

  • She would be able to get elected

    Whether or not i would vote for her I do not know, but she ticks all of the boxes. She wants what is best for the country, she knows what she is taking about and she respects our values. Her only fault is that she is too harsh on migrants.

  • Intelligent and Informed

    If Ann Coulter wanted to run for congress, she could easily do it. She is an incredibly intelligent individual who actually stands for something. Her one draw back is that of honesty. She is is an honest person. And as we see with our current President, honesty is not common in Washington D. C.

  • She is not a leader.

    No, Ann Coulter should not run for Congress, because she is not a very likable person. Ann Coulter gets her kicks by putting other people down. She does not know how to say anything nice about anyone else. She would not be a good leader because she would divide her constituents instead of bring them together.

  • No Coulter in Congress

    Without a doubt, Ann Coulter should stay away from Congress and should not run for any seat in the House of Representatives or the Senate. The fact of the matter is that Coulter lacks the qualifications necessary to succeed in Congress, and she does not belong there for that reason.

  • No, definitely not.

    No, I definitely do not think that Ann Coulter should run for Congress. Unless she was running in a very backwoods area, I don't believe that she could ever win either. She is too much of a zealot for the establishment Republicans and she has a problem with seemingly being unable to control the horribly incorrect and offensive things that come out of her mouth.

  • Ann Coulter is unelectable

    While I'm sure Ann Coulter would be more than qualified to run for and govern as a congressperson, I do not feel that she is electable to the position. Running for office requires a certain ability to compromise, and she is nothing more than a commentator. She is unwilling to bend herself to the will of the people, which is a necessary trait one must have to win election to any political office.

  • I don't like her positions

    I am not a fan of Ann Coulter and her political positions. Also, I don't think that she would ever run for office because I don't really think she wants to enact change from within, but just talk about controversial topics and then make money off of interview and books.

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