• She says too much.

    Anne Frank didn't need to go into all of that detail in her diary. It makes it harder for her to tell her story and the story of her family. Talking about things that were so sexualized is very distracting from the theme of the book. She conveys some important messages to children, and she should have focused on her struggles.

  • Anne Frank never knew her diary was going to be published.

    We're talking about her personal diary. People should have expected sexually explicit scenes; her diary was her escape. It was an extension of her mind, her heart, and her soul. Had Anne Frank gone out and published something that recounted the events of her life, it would have been called an autobiography, not a diary. Although many people don't realize it, they are two separate things. A diary is much, much more personal than an autobiography. Therefore, it is not pornographic; it is art. Those sexually explicit scenes let us know what she was thinking, what she was truly feeling. That in itself moves people, and that in itself is an artform.

  • "This ENDS now!" -Filthy Frank

    Its not, because it's history people. Whoever voted "yes" are just thinking dirty and needs to get their little dumb brain thinking straight. How is her diary "pornographic". ITS A DIARY, you can write ANYTHING YOU WANT in it. Its like saying, you have a diary, and you did something sexual that day and you write about it cause you like to record everything that happens. There you go "Do you think [the person]'s diary is pornographic?" IT DONT MATTER CAUSE ITS ALL A DIARY! YOU CAN WRITE ANYTHING YOU WANT. Stop being babies over someone's diary being "pornographic".

  • I don't think so

    She was just trying to express her time during the worst of times. She never intended to publish her 'personal diary'. Poor girl was afraid of getting killed or raped all her life. Although, some of the things she wrote was a little over the top which for some weirdos is a little provocative. But, it was her PERSONAL diary and she wrote what she wanted to write. However, I am disappointed that she left her readers hanging, should have come up with a sequel by now.

  • It's just personal

    Her diary was written to be a personal recording of her deepest thoughts and inner feelings. When Anne Frank wrote in her diary, I doubt that she ever really thought that millions of people across the world would be reading it. She just wrote what she felt like writing. Some of it was a bit sexual, but certainly not pornographic.

  • No, Anne Frank's diary is not pornographic.

    No, Anne Frank's diary is not pornographic. Pornography is defined as material designed to arouse the sexual feelings of the people who view or read it. Anne Frank's diary is meant to portray life under Hitler. If anyone finds this material to be titillating, it is the fault of the reader.

  • No, Anne Frank's diary is not pornographic.

    Pornographic is a somewhat relative word, and different people may have differing opinions on what constitutes pornography. That said, Anne Frank's stirring depiction of her coming of age includes only brief and rather puritanical teen dating bits, and under no definition of the word could it be consider pornographic by anyone.

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