Do you think anthropology jobs represent a fulfilling career path?

  • Yes, I can think of nothing more interesting.

    Yes, for those so inclined, I think anthropology jobs can be quite fulfilling, not to mention extremely interesting. To be able to earn a living by studying people would be one of the most interesting careers imaginable. To be able to study mankind back through the ages, their social structure, their adaptations through the years, the changes that man has gone through - so much to study and sift through - so much to be learned that one would never get bored with it.

  • Study of cultures

    Yes, I think that researchers and workers who go into the field of Anthropology do have fulfilling careers. They get to focus on the social aspects of the human race, and how they have evolved over time. They help out our society a lot by studying how the society runs.

  • Anthropology jobs are truly satisfying.

    Anthropology jobs represent a fulfilling career path for those interested in working in museums, doing research, and working in publishing. This career combines the liberal arts and sciences into one because of the nature of changing civilizations over time. People get to research cultural aspects of humanity as a career role, not just as a hobby in reading.

  • Anthropology majors end up big time, or more likely, at Starbucks

    I would argue that Anthropology majors, like Philosophy majors and English majors, end up working meh jobs. Starbucks and the like. The goal must not be about the job, but about life fulfillment. Understanding cultures from their perspective gives you depth of character so when you go back and get a business minor, you have a good life.

  • Who pays to study people?

    The most lucrative position an anthropologist could hope for in modern society is either teacher or political adviser. These positions are limited. Otherwise an anthropologist is stuck away in a stuffy museum making very little in terms of compensation. It would not be a bad life, just not a very profitable one.

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