Do you think anthropology majors can get good jobs after college?

  • Yes but not as easy

    I think anthropology majors can get good jobs after college. I do think though that the job market for them is a lot smaller then some of the other degrees so it is no where near as easy to get a job. If it is something you have a atrong passion for you should still pursue it.

  • No they cannot.

    Most college degrees except for a select few are mostly worthless after you graduate from college. College is a scam and a money mill. It is more for brainwashing that it is for teaching you real knowledge. There is no way for an anthropology major to get a job. It is hard enough with my degree that is supposedly more practical.

  • Sadly, I have to say no

    Anthropology is a wonderful and fascinating field of study, but career opportunities in this both physical and cultural anthropology have always been limited. Employment opportunities are scarce and professors in these fields are some of the lowest paid professors in academia. My advice to a person considering this field is to go for if you have a passion for it, but plan on an advanced degree and don't expect a easy, comfortable. Living. People have to make a living in order to survive; be sure to have a plan B.

  • No, not many jobs are waiting for anthropolgy majors

    Anthropology is a noble profession, no doubt, but it is not
    in demand. To feel assured of a good job after college, students should choose
    a major that is both suited to their talents and likely to need new college graduates.
    Examples of majors in high demand include engineering, information technology,
    and perhaps marketing. People who feel a strong need to major in English or Art
    should prepare themselves to attend graduate school to become teachers or to
    accept a low paying job unrelated to their education.

  • Job Market Slim

    I believe getting a good job with an anthropology major would be difficult after college. This is one of the problems with college is the fact that some study courses are so limited in options after the fact. Of course there is work in this field, but its not as common as other fields.

  • They need not apply.

    No, I do not think that anthropology majors can get good jobs after college, because there are some jobs that post that anthropology majors need not apply. There are far too many people earning degrees in anthropology than there are degrees available for them. These people should major in other things and study anthropology as a hobby.

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