Do you think anti-Muslim violence is a problem in Asian countries such as India and Myanmar?

  • Backlash Against Muslim Violence

    The backlash against Muslim violence in Asia is often met with more violence. That's why there are Hindus versus Muslims in India with extremists on both sides bombing each other and shooting each other. Anti-Muslim violence is a problem in Asia, otherwise we wouldn't hear things like hostages being taken in hotels or the bombings in Bali.

  • From Rama to Muhammed

    Anytime there is an occurrence of anti-group violence in any nation it is a problem. Nations like Myanmar and India have strong roots in religious history and political shifting, oppression, and colonization that make the introduction of religions like Islam and Christianity particularly difficult and despised. In regions like India, the Hindu faith not only extends to religious practices, but also a lifestyle and a caste system that is non-existent in Islam. When a country that does not have regular practices of tolerance throughout its history or even current policies, any religion that threatens that lifestyle and caste system, particularly the growing Islamic population, violence after ridicule and public shame is sure to follow. Violence, regardless of the group and region, against another person or persons, is always a problem.

  • Yes, it is.

    Anti-Muslim violence is a problem in some Asian countries like India and Myanmar. This is why religion is such a problem. There are and always have been clashes between them. Most wars have been either religiously motivated or had religion as a factor in it. So yes, of course it is a problem.

  • Yes anti-Muslim voilence is a problem.

    I feel that anti-Muslim violence is a problem in Asian countries such as India and Myanmar. I feel that any sort of violence should not be tolerated no matter what situation. The fact that violence is occurring due to religious beliefs and nothing is being done about it only tolerates the behavior and says that it is acceptable. Something needs to be done about this.

  • No, I don't think anti-Muslim violence is a problem in Asian countries such as India and Myanmar.

    Religious conflicts will always be something that occur when there are conflicting religions in the area but overall many people are able to lead their daily lives with little disruptions in these areas, I think that those who are the ones causing trouble are the minority and are quickly stopped.

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