Do you think anti-Semitism has decreased in the past 50 years?

  • Yes, anti-Semitism has decreased drastically in the past 50 years.

    I can look back and see where anti-Semitism is nowhere near as prevalent as it was. I don't think it's so much a question of acceptance. I think people just had so many other minority groups to actively resent that anti-Semitism just became forgotten. Part of it, too, is the older generations who had these deep anti-Semitic feelings have passed on.

  • Yes It Has

    I do believe that anti-Semitism has decreased in the past 50 years. Racism period has declined quite a bit over that period of time. I know in America, anti-Semitism isn't a problem in most areas. This is evident in the entertainment industry here, where you see plenty of Jewish people succeed without much emphasis on their religion, despite their bringing it up occasionally. For example, Seth Rogan.

  • People have found new things to hate.

    The idea that anti-semitism is gone would be remiss. Ask David Duke about the Jews that run the Federal Reserve and there is no mistake it still exists. However, the world has found new things to hate. The current polarization of the world revolves around the US and Muslims. Most people will support one or the other. The jews of Israel may still be hated by Muslims in the region, but America has far more enemies from the same population.

  • Racism will always remain

    There are those who might say that due to the revelation of the Holocaust that anti-semitism has decreased exponentially, especially in Europe where it took place. However, there will always be elements of racism remaining, and most of it seems to have been projected onto the middle east, thanks largely to the increased global presence of Israel in the area.

  • Anti-Semitism is more relevant now.

    Anti-Semitism has increased in the past 50 years because the WWII genocides have now passed into history. After news of the death camps spread, people had more sympathy for Jewish people. These events are far passed and now Jewish people have more power as as a group. Anyone with power gets criticized and disliked by other parts of the population.

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