• It is very so much still prevalent today.

    Starting with groups like the national alliance as well the american nazi party. When George Lincoln Rockwell began the American Nazi party in 1959 it was based off anti-semitic beliefs. Years after he began that people like David Duke and others followed. Dr. William Luther Pierce began the National Alliance and as well based off anti-semitic beliefs. Today's Anti-Semitic is not as firm as it was years ago. Those same groups is spoke of are mainly ran by Neo-Nazi skinheads who lost sight of what the true purpose was. At one event George Lincoln Rockwell spoke and even promoted what Malcom X stood for, calling him a man of principles. Most of todays society look at this from a hate all stand point but when began it was truthfully formed for antisemitism.

  • Yes it is.

    Sadly, anti-Semitism is still prevalent today. Although I think not as much, which is good. There will always be people who are prejudice against one group or another. Many people are taught bad things about Jewish people as children. Then they just grow up and keep believing it even though they may have never met a Jewish person.

  • Yes, I think anti-Semitism is still prevalent - even today.

    I believe anti-Semitism is still prevalent. While it may not be as strong as it was years ago, I believe there are still a great many people who harbor resentment against those who are Jewish. I believe the current ill will towards Muslims has taken precedence and served to lessen the resentment towards Jewish people.

  • There are pockets.

    Yes, I think that anti-Semitism is still prevalent today, because you still hear reports every now and then of incidents of anti-Semitism. People still resent the Jews for their financial success, even though the success is legitimate. Anti-Semitism is still overtly sent in Israel's direction. Israel needs to be on constant guard against anti-Semitism.

  • Anti-Semitism is still prevalent today.

    Ant-Semitism is still a problem today. As long as they have been around, there has been discrimination against the Jews. Especially after 911, there has been a resurgence of prejudice against the Jewish people. It is important for all of us to stop racism beause it is offensive to everyone.

  • It's present in the form of Israeli hate.

    Of course anti-Semitism is still prevalent today. The Jew haters have become more bold than ever, managing to insinuate themselves into the liberal and radical environments worldwide. Their goal is to convince these otherwise enlightened people that Israel is somehow bad for attempting to protect themselves against the attacks from Gaza.

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