• Yes, antibacterial products are harmful.

    Yes, antibacterial products such as soaps are doing more harm than good. By exposing bacteria to these substances, humans are breeding whole new strains of bacteria that are resistant to these substances and we will reach a point where anti-bacterials no longer work and super bacteria are too advanced for out immune systems to deal with.

  • Antibacterial Products Can Be Harmful

    In some products, antibacterial ingredients can definitely do permanent or temporary damage to a human or animal. For example, although some acne products market as being "Oil Free" and "Antibacterial", they sometimes cause skin rashes that can often times be worse than the acne itself. Although something may appear safe because it is labeled as antibacterial, it can often cause more problems.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe antibacterial products can be harmful. I personally believe Americans are too concerned about cleanliness, at least to a level that doesn't benefit a person. Humans survived many generations without being told to wash their hands constantly. Furthermore, humans didn't have access to anything antibacterial for a long time. I think the immune system benefits from being exposed to some of these small bugs and viruses because it learns to fight them. If we kill all of this bacteria there is a great chance that we are weakening our immune systems by default.

  • They are helpful.

    No, I do not think that antibacterial products are harmful, because they do a lot to help our health. Antibacterial products can do a lot to destroy things that can harm us. They are positive to helping our health, and to keep our environments sterile. They do far more harm than good.

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