• Yes, I believe that anxiety disorders should be treated with drugs.

    Yes, I believe that anxiety disorders should be treated with drugs. Sometimes honestly if they are not abused and use properly they can take the edge off a person with serious anxiety. I do believe that therapy is helpful, but sometimes with medication you can think a little clearer in general by balancing your brain out.

  • Yes, I think anxiety disorders should be treated with drugs.

    I think that an anxiety disorder is something that can be treated with modern medication, I think therapy is pretty ineffective if the anxiety is severe, I think that being able to medication dramatically increases the quality of life for the person and I think that as long as proper dosages are followed then taking medications for anxiety is fine and preferable over therapy.

  • Therapy is more lasting

    Therapy challenges old thoughts, habits, behaviors, feelings, and attitudes and so can have a more lasting effect. I'm not saying pills should never be used. They are faster and a person may have severe anxiety they need to relieve now rather than later. But there should still be therapy and a goal of weening them off of the drug.

    As far as "chemical imbalances" go studies actual show that nondrug therapy leads to changes in brain chemistry. In fact everything they study shows it changes your brain chemistry. And in the case of depression reemergence of symptoms was more likely and quicker when someone quit pills over if someone stopped going to cognitive therapy. If you change someone's brain chemistry by changing how they think so that they have new thought patterns that sustain a healthier brain chemistry then that is more stable and lasting than if you change their brain chemistry using blunt force (i.E. A pill) that will produce side effects struggling with the brain chemistry the patient's negative thought patterns that haven't been addressed would otherwise produce.

    Pills may change outward behaviors even some surface thoughts but at a deep level they leave things unchanged. The goal of psychology should not just be to help people function but to feel better and not just in a surface, superficial way but in a deeper more meaningful way, and the only way there is therapy.

  • They attack brain functions

    Any kind of anxiety pill will throw your brain off balance making you feel worse throughout time. Anxiety is a natural emotion and should not be tampered with, therapy is the best solution or overcoming with sheer will power. The side-effects of drugs is your brain telling you something is wrong this is enough reason not to medicate.

  • Anxiety disorders are often complicated with drugs

    While some anxiety disorders cannot be maintained without drugs due to a chemical imbalance, most are simply due to mental inadequacies. People usually develop anxiety disorders through behavior incidents that happen in development somewhere. They can be fixed the same way. Behavior modification is the most natural and effective method to deal with anxiety disorders.

  • They need to work it out.

    I think that anxiety disorders should be treated with therapy instead of drugs, because therapy is the only thing that will be a long-term solution. If the person is given a drug it might help them for one day. If they are given therapy, they can learn to actually address the problem.

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