• Rape and terrorism

    Not just murder deserves the death penalty. Rapists destroy lives and commit terrible crimes. Terrorists also deserve it because they put do many lives in danger and destroy countries in other parts of the world like the middle East. If the death penalty was introduced to the UK then crime would reduce.

  • Crimes such as treason or rape along with murder

    These crimes not only are atrocities but the people that commit them are fine with life imprisonment. In prison they get to live better then some citizens. They get free food free housing and recreational activities. How is this a punishment to killing someone? It not only seems like a slap on the wrist but besides that their let off scott free.

  • Rape, wife-beating and pedophilia

    Is the other. But for other crimes, there's redemption. I think someone who had a hard life (and resorted to crime as a result), though I believe they should do their punishment in jail, deserve a second chance. Drug users deserve a second chance as well. Those who got into fights deserve a chance.

  • What goes around comes around

    There are some acts that are so heinous in nature that redemption is impossible, and for these transgressions, death is the justifiable punishment. Violations I view as unpardonable include betrayal and child rape. When someone rapes a child or double-crosses someone, they basically gave up their light to live, and they also proved that they cannot be trusted to be kept alive.

  • Yes, I do.

    I think that child molesters and rapists deserve to be put to death sometimes. The reason for this is because, many times, rape and molestation lead to a life of misery for the victims and sometimes suicide. And, if someone is capable of this, they are capable of any heinous act.

  • Crimes that do not take the life of another do not warrant the death penalty

    The primary non-murder crime I have seen put forth as a candidate for the death penalty is rape. The act of rape is nowhere even close to being equatable to an act of murder. It is 'impossible' to ever recover from murder. Rape is a horrible and indefensible act, but it is in a completely separate class from murder because it is impossible to ever recover a life lost. In the United States at least, capital punishment as is is already a money drag compared to life imprisonment (for numerous justifiable reasons), and broadening the scope of capital crimes would only compound this problem. To make matters worse, by increasing the number of people on the death row, the number of people convicted but who are not guilty would also increase. It is not permissible that one out of every 25 or so people sentenced are not guilty. Even by that old "eye for an eye" saying, capital punishment for rape fails the test.

    Despite what one of the "yes" people said, there is no evidence that the death penalty does anything to deter crime.

  • Some could be young and made a youthful mistake

    Murder is murder taking someone's life. The person is gone. But, in other crimes the victim is still ALIVE. That person could with help if needed go on to live many more years of life. And, possibly very happy years. The criminal who did the offense should be put in the darkest prison for many years. The keys thrown away. They would need to suffer for the crime(s) that they committed.

  • No They Don't

    I do not support the death penalty, not even for murder. I can not imagine a worse punishment than sitting in prison for the rest of your life. I do not feel the death penalty offers justice. For that reason, I do not believe there are other crimes that would warrant the death penalty.

  • Crimes other than murder do not warrant the death penalty.

    No, in general crimes other than murder do not warrant the death penalty. Certainly we can all imagine some truly horrific and gruesome crimes that do not involve murder that may seem to warrant the death penalty, but in general criminals should only face the death penalty if they have killed another.

  • Murder is the only crime for which the death penalty is warranted.

    The death penalty is one of our oldest punishments for capital crimes. It is covered under religious precedent of "an eye for an eye." I would not support a system where we started putting people to death for crimes less offensive than murder. That's what many Islamic countries do, and I'm sure we don't want to emulate them.

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