Do you think any new discovery about reality will automatically be compatible with science/naturalism?

Asked by: Yarowold
  • I am confused

    I am confused as to what you mean by compatible. If you mean that it goes against religion, then no. Not every possible discovery would support athiest claims. Even though all discoverys to be made and that have been made do. Or could you maybe be reffering to the fact that any discovery is science. I will discuss the latter simply for conveniene sake. The word science comes from the latin term meaning knowing or knowledge, therefore anything we know or learn automaticaly is science!

  • It's all already out there.

    According to what history has shown, step by step, we on our little planet have only discovered more and more about the existing reality. Every new observation of reality has preceded our existence.

    Yet, there are discoveries that turned the scientific community upside down and forced them to re-think their methods. On the other hand, that is what science is all about. We live and we learn. Trial and error. Most facts have been proved according to predictions based on established physical laws. But could we perhaps discover a phenomenon entirely incompatible with what we already know to be certain?

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philochristos says2014-02-06T22:31:58.623
It's hard to answer this one. I suspect what will happen if anything is discovered that is incompatible with what we now understand as being part of nature, we will just broaden our definition of "natural" to include it.

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