• Yes, Ricky Lake's televison show episode's were real.

    Even though I think some of her episodes on her television show were real, I do not think they were all factual. I definitely think that some of them were scripted and fake. With tv shows, the most important thing is the rating. And only interesting content is going to make viewers want to watch it.

  • Yes, there was an element of reality

    Like most reality TV in the United States, there is some element of reality. There are cameras present, and the people on these shows are very well aware that they are on TV, and their actions are partly determined by this knowledge. But any unscripted show will have an element of reality to it.

  • No, I don't believe Ricky Lake's televesion show were real.

    I believe like everything in television there are many scripted moments and dialog written ahead of time, so I don't believe Rick Lake's television show was something spontaneous or real, I believe it was like many other shows on daytime television which are scripted and edited to fit a certain purpose.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that they are real at all. I think that everything that is in them is planned out ahead of time and that it is all fake and made up. I think that all they want is people to watch the show and think it is real.

  • No, people will believe anything

    None of those episodes were truly real. We have to understand that the media is a construct of society designed primarily to make money, not to report facts accurately or to help anybody in life. This is not to say that nothing on the show was meaningful or beneficial, but we should be wary of believing that it is completely true

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