Do you think any terrorist hatred of America is justified?

  • The information the terrorist hears is "their" reality

    America is not perfect. We have our flaws and have done our wrongs. I believe the information that many terrorists are working with is a form of propaganda from their country. Most likely this information does not adequately represent the issues (the same could be said for the information the United States uses). Their hatred is justified because they believe it is true based on what they know.

  • To A Degree

    I believe terrorist hatred of America can be justified in some ways, but not to the point that it is okay for us to kill each other. Americans aren't the greatest people on Earth. Many of us are ultra selfish and self seeking in every possible way. I believe some hatred in justified just on the basis of pure differences between our cultures.

  • When is any form of terrorism ever Justified?

    The US needs to be held responsible for many of the wrongs we've committed, but how does this Justify the killing of innocent people who had no part in them. "Justice" as the terrorists call it is just one large cycle of revenge and retribution that gets nowhere. Thank you and God bless.

  • Terrorist Action is Never Justified

    In my opinion, the despicable acts of a terrorist are never justified or should be tolerated. It is okay to disagree with certain religions and groups of people, but using terror should never be a way of getting what you want. When terrorists kill innocent people, they are doing horrible things and should be severely punished.

  • No, hatred is never justified.

    Personally, I don't believe hatred of any culture is justified, so hatred against America is no more excusable than hatred toward any other country or culture. That being said, there are things that the United States does that do make us look bad to other countries, such as our materialism and the "morals" coming out of Hollywood, and we should be mindful of that and how we come across to people of other cultures.

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