• They've done a lot of bad things.

    Apple has been plagiarizing original ideas. They stated that they "invented" voice chat themselves when in actuality, long time phone companies like Nokia have had them ever since we had 3 inch phones without touchscreens. Secondly, Apple has been spreading lies. In one case, Apple tried to sue Samsung for "stealing designs", though Samsung has backed up the latter saying it was original and even stated Apple has copied from Xperia and other big time Android manufacturers. Also, the typical Apple product is overpriced. Or in short, the prices are too expensive for the quality of their products. And my 4th reason. Apple is performing illegal operations. Apple has a secret police that goes by the title of "Worldwide Loyalty Team". In one operation, a secret police team dressed up as local police and raided a house holding an iPhone 4 prototype. This ends my argument.

  • They bought ideas

    Just because they did not think of the idea themselves does not mean they do not own them the product. This happens all the time, a large company will buy out a small company to use a product or idea. This is called capitalism and it is the foundation of America.

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