• Yes they should

    At least with matters of national security, technology companies should help the government to prevent events such as the shooting in California recently. I understand apple wanting to keep their systems untouched and that is fine. Do not give the government full unlimited access to the system but at least provide all information needed to help the country.

  • I have mixed feelings

    I understand where people are concerned that Apple should assist the FBI in investigating an act of terrorism. However, Apple has given good reason to not do what the FBI has asked. They are concerned about privacy, and fear that information could fall into the wrong hands if they create a way to hack into a locked phone. I understand where they are coming from with this concern. Furthermore, it seems very unlikely that the FBI will even uncover any evidence on the phone in question, as it was the suspects work phone, provided by his company. I highly doubt he would have left any trace of evidence on this phone, so I don't really see the point in this even being a huge issue.

  • Make or break.

    Testing the integrity and intentions of the government would expose any more corrupt practices and shed light on those who shouldn't be in the government. Ideally. Realistically, the FBI's breach of jurisdiction will be held accountable and the government won't be able to hide behind its rationales. So let the FBI dig its own grave, legally. Letting them fail is the only way for them to see the light for themselves. If the government makes a big enough mistake, atonement is eventual by the desperation of the government, which should be afraid of its citizens.

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  • There might be something big coming.

    That phone might have plans for a supeweapon, like a nuke or an atomic bomb. Apple could make this a one time use and then destroy the blueprint.Our troops are dying out there. Even our families.If we knew where to attack, the war will be over.Lets hack that phone. Please, our families are dying.

  • Yes they should

    I think apple should help the FBI decrypt the codes of the terrorist's phone because it may temporarily ruin the security of a few people, but will result in the greater good which is to bring any terrorist group down. I personally would volunteer my cyber security any day to let ISIS rot.

  • It sets an awful precedent

    Apple agreeing to help the FBI sets things on a slippery slope on which the FBI can continuously ask for assistance. The problem is that they're basically asking for the entire system because that's the only way to break into the phone. Granted, Apple probably should have thought about something like this in the first place, but it's not logical or fair to expect them to submit to the FBI.

  • Absolutely not .

    I think Apple should not help the FBI because it could get into the wrong hands and used against the United States and anyone who owns an iPhone.

    This program maybe important for national security but it can laid to a disaster if it would be used by the wrong hands , with this program there would be no more privacy The FBI should not have prohibition on allowing access to privacy to other people's phones and the "terrorist"'s phone.
    To sum up this is a bad idea .

  • How 'Bout No

    I think it's complete bogus,the FBI shan't be allowed to do this it's an insult to even think of it I understand why they want to do that terrorism and everything but it is a COMPLETE INVASION OF PRIVACY
    we can''t let them do this thank you apple for refusing

  • How 'Bout No

    I think it's total bogus that they even try this it's not fair for people who obviously haven't done anything wrong it's a MAJOR INVASION OF PRIVACY FBI should just drop it.I mean seriosly why would anyone think of such a thing,they shan't be allowed to do this FBI is out of it's league

  • No no no

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  • Have we learned nothing from Edward Snowden's decision to whistle blow?

    The government is using this same premise of safety and security that they used to justify the Patriot Act, PRISM, and the NSA spying on Americans in order to have access to be able to break encryptions on all phones. The government can already read all your emails, text messages, listen to your phone calls, remotely enable the microphone in your phone to listen to you talk even when you aren't making a phone call, and track the location of your phone all without any reasoning or justification needed.
    Why are people willing to give up on their 5th amendment rights and privacy so easily to the most obvious of scare tactics? Why is such an issue for the FBI to have to have a judge approve an individual warrant in the interest of protecting privacy?
    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Absolutely not! This is unacceptable!

    The Federal Bereau of Investigation should not have prohibition on allowing access to privacy to other people's phones and the "terrorist"'s phone.What is this?1984 where you are constantly being stalked by a police officer and the government knows what your phone is every single day and night.I think that is absurd and arbitrary to think the FBI uses a main stream consumer corporation to spy on just one person.

  • We need privacy

    It is fine for the government to say they wouldn't use the code from Apple as a back door into other users' information, but they don't have a whole lot of faith from me in that regard. We have people locked up without charges in Guatanamo, and have shown in the past we are willing to skirt the law to fight terrorism.

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