• Apple applies genius has always been in an additive approach.

    Where Apple applies genius has always been in an additive approach.
    - They create entire new product categories we never knew we wanted.
    - They create devices that fulfill a role, and a role in respect to other things in your world of appliances.
    - They do things that allow us to do new things we didn't think were possible.
    - It is this additive approach that will make the Smartphone a key piece of your personal device ecosystem, something that makes the system greater than the sum of it's parts, and not just a gimmick.

    I believe the iWatch will be a core control piece to the entire Apple ecosystem, as a stand alone device it may be limited.

    The iWatch will bring new inputs from the wrist to allow entirely new use cases, the iWatch won't be your smartwatch, it will be the way that your body interfaces with the digital world.

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  • They already did

    There is one, just not named that. Instead, it is called the Apple watch. It's like an iPhone mini. What's next? Apple earrings? Apple necklaces? Apple shirts. Yeah apple is sort of over thinking. Just way over thinking in general is what Apple is doing. It's just getting more random.

  • Its the newest technology, they should make one

    Yes. Apple is one of the leading companies in gadgets and technology. They will follow suit with others within the industry and provide their loyal fans with an iWatch. If they do not then their loyal brand customers will find their fix else where. I don't think that Apple is willing to give their competitor any more of the market share than they absolutely have to.

  • Probably will not

    Apple is all about technology such as computers and tablets. I do not think they will start making fashion pieces such as an iWatch. An iTV is in the works, but I do not think a watch is being discussed. It would be a cool idea but I do not think many would buy it.

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