• Yes it's good...

    It's good to see increased representation and diversity in emojis, instead of just a bunch of brown haired white people. However, one thing that i do have to complain about is the Asian "yellow face" emoji. With all of the other accurately colored diverse emojis, is neon yellow really appropriate for representing an extremely large percentage of humanity (that I am part of)?

  • I think it's cute

    Not everyone is white and I do not understand why icons are always white. Than again I do not think that race matters much and I would not really care witch one Of the icons I used. It is great for kids. The icons are very adorable and sweet looking

  • I think it promites multiculturalism

    I think it is a good idea to have racially diverse emojis. It is imperative for corporations to give their products a universal flavor, rather than a particularly regional one. Racially diverse emojis gives an impression of change and tell us that white people are not the only market that corporations have to cater to.

  • What's wrong with differently raced emojis?

    I realise that many people would say that because emojis are yellow they don't have a race in the first place and by changing the colour that you're just pushing the importance of race where it's more or less irrelevant and I'll disprove this in two words - "The Simpsons." The Simpsons has people with yellow-coloured skin but also has black people and nobody sees anything wrong with that!

  • Yes, everyone deserves to be represented.

    Emojis are fun and add visuals to our text. They can clarify when we're teasing or being sarcastic in a way our words often cannot. When a people want to signify that they are happy, or express another emotion using an emoji, they should have the ability to choose one that matches their race if it adds to their comfort level. It's important for people to feel included in society and in a small way, multi-racial emojis are able to help.

  • Does it really matter?

    I really don't care one way or another if we have emojis that are racially diverse. In this world, we have so much more important things to worry about. If people are going to get bent out of shape because their race doesn't exist in a emoji, that is crazy.

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Dilara says2015-04-10T01:02:44.513
They should include an east Asian one, a south East Asian one, a south Asian one, a middle eastern/Arab one, a dark skinned black one, a light skinned black one, a very light black one with brown hair light eyes, a Hispanic one, very pale red head with green eyes , a pale blonde with blue eyes and a white brown haired hazel eyed one.