• Ariel Sharon has proven he can lead

    Ariel Sharon built the Israeli Army. That accomplishment alone should answer whether he is a capable leader. After his retirement from the military, he went on to lead the Kumin party. This accomplishment alone should be enough to establish his capabilities. He later became Israel's Prime minister. This accomplishment alone should speak to his capabilities. The only people who may disagree with his ability to lead would be those who think Israel should continue to struggle for the Gaza Strip.

  • He was a force

    Sharon captured the spirit of the people when he was elected to be Prime Minister, and he was a capable war time leader regardless of political affiliation. Sharon was such a force in the political world in Israel that the party that he founded was almost totally his own, and it disintegrated when he died.

  • God appointed him to serve.

    Yes, I think that Ariel Sharon was a capable leader, because he did a lot for Israel. Sharon led Israel through some impossible times, when many people wanted to harm Israel. He also contributed to a peaceful transfer of power after he was done serving in office. He was an admirable leader that God sent to serve Israel.

  • Ariel Sharon was a capable leader.

    Ariel Sharon was a capable military and political leader for Israel. He is considered by many to be one of the father's of his nation. Many Israelis would have voted for him again if he were healthy enough to serve. He was feared and respected by his allies and enemies alike.

  • Not For The Better Good

    I do not believe Ariel Sharon was a capable leader. I believe Ariel Sharon was associated with a number of criminal activities meaning he probably spent more time focusing on those projects rather than leading as he should have been. When leaders look for ways to twist the system in their favor they are no longer capable, in my opinion.

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