Do you think Ariel Sharon was right in supporting Israeli settlements on the West Bank and Gaza Strip?

  • Even though he didn't

    Sharon was big on the West Bank settlements since it is Israeli land (and has been for many years), and Gaza is as well, but in a far more contentious way. Sharon led the disengagement from Gaza in 2005, going contrary to the question when he ordered the forcible removal of settlers.

  • Illegal Settlements Encroached on Palestinian Territory

    Ariel Sharon shouldn't have supported more Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since they were illegal and encroached upon the territory of Palestinians. Israelis shouldn't wonder why rocket attacks happen from Palestinian-held territory on a regular basis when illegal settlements are authorized. Sharon was a hardliner, but his administration paid the price for those settlements.

  • No, territorial questions should be settled legally

    Jewish people have the right to exist in their own homeland, and the
    Palestinians also have a right to exist. The establishment of Jewish
    settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip attempts to preempt the role of
    negotiation and international law in settling complicated territorial
    questions. It attempts to make conquered territories Jewish land by fiat. The Palestinians
    too have the right to exist in their own state, and Ariel Sharon was wrong to
    attempt to evade their rights

  • No, he should have left some space for others.

    When the Israeli government was born some years ago, its people needed and wanted to reclaim a home land for themselves after the Holocaust, which is understandable. But some space on the West Bank and on the Gaza Strip should have been saved for the Palestinians who already lived there.

  • Sharon's support of Israeli settlements caused more harm than good

    Although his work was certainly seen as heroic to his fellow Israelis at the time, I believe that Sharon's involvement in the establishment of Israeli settlements on the West Bank and Gaza Strip ultimately led to more conflict and difficulty than would have arisen had he remained uninvolved with that area.

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