Do you think aron rodgers showd be taken out of the nfl or retire

Asked by: jordan_04max
  • Aaa aaa aaa

    He is horrible iiiiii ii I I ii I I I I I I I I I iii I I I I ii I I I ii iiiiiiiiiiiiii I I I ii I I I I I ii I I I I I I ii I I I ii i

  • Seriously? Are you for real

    Considering he is currently one of the worlds greatest quarterbacks of all time I am going to say no. The man is a machine. Green Bay have had an off season mostly due to injuries yet they are still in the divisional round of the playoffs and Rodgers showed against Washington that he is a master class. This is just like when people said Tom Brady should retire after he lost in 2012 Superbowl butt since then he has won 4 AFC East titles and a Superbowl.

  • Noo never ever

    Oh hell nah aron rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks of the century he is the reason the broncos are doing so well or well doing so well before he got injured i think he should wait untill he recovers and play again at least he will do way better than tony romo

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