• Expressing Creativity Whenever they want

    I think art is very important. Children should be able to do art how they please because it's their views of the world, And how they feel. It's also how they express themselves rather than using math or history. Without being able to do art freely, No one would have any creativity, And many jobs need you to be creative. Art is a beautiful thing, And if children weren't allowed to do it, They wouldn't learn concentration or patience.

  • Art is beneficial LET ME EXPLAIN

    English / Literature
    Religion/ Ethics/Philosophy
    IT and Computing
    Business and Economics
    Health and Social Care


    its usually the same, And fyi I'm only talking about doing studies in school

    it can be draining too, To me, Doing only written subjects will not allow myself to be free

    which is why we need art and creative visual art subjects

    Pass the test
    Get that good grade

    And visual art subjects?
    Art and Photography and textiles

    they give you a break from written subjects and when you do art you feel less judgement, Because everyone has their own way of doing things and everyone essentially has their own way of defining what art really is.
    Art helps us to learn a skill that isn't necessarily mental and written but mainly to de stress.

    Keep in mind art isn't about painting and realistic work
    it doesnt always have to be flat on paper or on canvas
    art is what you see it as
    art is everything

    especially when children are still in the stage of being easily stimulated by colours (children often prefer things that are colourful)
    art is necessary

  • Art can develop children's skill of imagination

    As we know that childhood is a growth period of children. It is a time for them to foster their curiosity about something new and imaginable. And for that matter, Art is one of the best ways to realize it. Trough art children can brainstorm their idea of how to do something artistically, How to stabilize knowledge-application correlation in order to get better result of an action. Furthermore, Art usually involves joint activities that make children get in touch with other people so that their social sense will be cultivated.

  • Allow children to think more effectively

    It gives them opportunities to try out new ideas, And source for ways of thinking and approach to problems. When school activities and curriculum are channeled into more creativity-based/related aspects, It allows their creativity to grow which will serve useful in the long run as they are able to apply it to their daily lives. An example is generating ways to handle a conflict with peers.

  • Arts corner anu

    Yes arts are good for health as they increase concentration and enables them to find your talent so let y, Our children be healthy with art. Art is something earned not given some people may never criticise them As each and every one is individual and special each one of us have

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