• Time is art

    Art is nothing but emotional prints of time to time life of a person.
    Art in scientifically proven to help in mental, emotional and social growth of a person.
    Art isn't waste of time as it is the abstract idea of an individual, it is the thoughts of a person.
    It is highly productive and is very helpful in managing stress.
    In the end I'd like to conclude that is not waste of time but a super productive and enjoyable activity.

  • Art is unecessary

    Art was something that people got into because they were bored with no stimulus centuries ago... Today, we have too much stimulus and art is unnecessary. It is just a natural progression of the human species. It is a waste of time to engage in art in most forms, and funding should stop.

  • Negative, Not true

    Art is not a waste of time because it is one of the ways that could be used to communicate. Many more artistic people would understand a message through art. Although, Many people would disagree with this, Think about it like this, Commercials is art, Graffiti, Is art. They all display a message.

  • WTH is this?

    Art is expression, cinema, photo albums, memories is something that we all would feel like crap if we didn't have it. Hell I have no talent but the people that do really can make my day with a meaningful piece. Art is music and I don't think having fun dancing is a waste of time cuz we all need a moment to rejoice.

  • Art is emotion

    Without art we would be like robots without art there would be no way to release stress. Technology is art because without art we would not know what is radio, tv or paint because they are made for art. Art is also about books maybe without art libraries wouldn't exist

  • Why dont you adopt a robot?

    Without art nothing has meaning. Art doesn't only mean painting and writting. Art also a perception looking things from inside. Tell me Love, Hatred, Jealousy, Revenge can science define it? If can't does that mean we should take it away? For a second let's assume we took it away. Now tell me difference between a man and a robot. The best example to clear my point is that, No matter how fancy restaurent you choose to eat to, you will still find your mother's food better and that is art.

  • It's how you feel.

    Art is what keeps some people going. Art creates awareness,releases stress,creates jobs,creates scholarships and provides an interesting face to this world. Without art you wouldn't be able to express your style or look. Very simple things consist of art. For example how you do your hair in the morning ,maybe you add accessories.

  • Art has a Broader Meaning

    Art has meaning definitions and meanings. This question implies the aesthetic arts, but that is also linked to many other areas. The concept of art covers realms such as the liberal arts which is vital for general education which is certainly not a waste of time! Art can cover any field that uses skills that applies the various arts.

    Areas that are taught or classified under the arts include the humanities, fine arts, business, politics, basically anything that could be considered an art at a university or classified under humanities studies. You can earn a degree of arts (ex. Bachelors of arts) in any of those studies. Art is most certainly a respectable use a time whether it is the study of business administration or visual aesthetics.

  • It can never be a waste of time

    By saying that art is waste of time, we would say life is a waste of time. Everything is not maths & science. Some people are good at art also. And also we may live without art, we would be so robotic and depressed. To be happy we need art. Some people say that art cures no disease, but it does cure. When a person is in pain or is ill he feels better when he sings or listen to songs. Even when I am sad or ill I draw or paint and feel revealed and better. What art can do science can never do that. Art is unique and plays a special role in our lives.

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