• Judgement Yes, Emotions Possibly

    Judgement is simpler to program. Through Machine Learning a system can determine judgement based on historical data, Sensors, Previous errors in programming, And additional information fed into the system by humans.

    Emotion on the other hand, Is a slippery slope. A machine can develop emotion-like properties based on reactions programmed by actual humans, Similarity to the nurture of a child. "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? " or as some of you know it, "Blade Runner, " asked the question, "Can you use human memories to create synthetic emotions, And if you do, Can the machine actual feel based on experiences? " A religious person would say, "absolutely not! " Some say there is something beyond our DNA, Teachings, And physical beings that make us human and enable true emotions, Such as love.

    However, If you feel emotion is learned behavior, It's absolutely possible.

  • Yes they can

    Example, Robots, could be equal to humans. If we designed a robot properly, like Sophia, they can know something that humans don't know. They may know new things, and then teach a human, and that human can teach another human, and so on until the whole world knows about it.

  • Just a matter of time

    If AI will be able to learn from us what exactly emotions are and how to use them they will develop their own judgement and emotional level.In terms of looks they can already look just like humans and they can imitate emotions. Now they just have to learn how to use them themselves and to write their own objective as in creating their own conscious.

  • DNA is to CPU

    It is clear that all living organisms have genetic information that dictates its existence and manifestations (behavioral, intellectual, emotional, etc). If we create machines that contain the information to possess those attributes, then they too, can possess human and super-human abilities through the investment of resources into such abilities. I think that we should invest more into modifying human DNA to re-program humans and use technology to aide that process but never to advance machines to human level because we then place our mercy on the will of machines. Bad Idea.

  • If we cannot program it, they will obtain it through their own evolution.

    If the all-famous moores law were to continue after artificial intelligence established itself, as it likely would, it would probably become the evolution of artificial intelligence. The lack of human emotion would then cease to be an unfortunate fact for the AI, it would be an evolutionary obstacle. If an AI were to observe and try to mimic human behavior, it could possibly create a basic algorithm for producing an emotional reaction. To get an AI that understands emotion at the same level that humans do, you must get an AI many times more intelligent than a human, which would be able of conceiving the concept of emotion when nothing of the sort existed within its memories. Being entirely theoretical, an AI could find a way to probe inside a human mind, map it out, and program emotional lobes into its own sentience. Scientists are already mapping out different parts of the mind.

  • It will with the advances in technology

    Artificial Intelligence will one day be able to mirror human judgment and emotions. They are already starting to test how to process the judgment. It my be all calculated with the risk versus reward in mind, but that is what humans do in every situation as well. If you told my grandparents when they were 20 that a computer would be able to fit on a small desk or in your lap, they wouldn't believe you. I feel we may not know exactly how to do it yet but as technology progresses we will be able to.

  • Una federación de sobre-inteligencia artificial?

    No es solo un problema que atañe a las emociones. La codificación de conceptos va de la experiencia y su relación forma los juicios, Y los razonamientos. Esto es más complejo que datos específicos. La razón es ilimitada solo en hombres. Es improbable que se llegue a tal realidad. Ojo.

  • No, They will not.

    Aside from my fears for singularity, but I am fully confident that computers/AI/ASI/AGNI WILL NEVER use the emotions fully. We had already enough skills to understand every emotions. We cannot write a code that fully uses emotions as we do. It is every brainpower needed for our mastery. Computers can't have that brainpower.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I have a hard time believing that artificial intelligence can be equal to humans in judgment and emotions. I believe there are too many things we do not understand about ourselves for us to do this. I think we can come very close, but if we can't program it, it is doubtful it will happen.

  • Never as smart as us

    No one will ever be able to write a piece of code that can equally use human emotions effectively. Human emotions are hard enough for humans to master and lets face it a lot of us still have not figured it all out. I do not believe that judgment will be possible either without the emotional side of artificial intelligence.

  • Computers will never have emotions

    The things that computers can do is growing everyday. Computer ability will dwarf human abilities in more ways than not. One area that computers and AI will not rival humans is the area of emotion. It will be possible I suspect for AI to do highly believable facsimiles of emotions but a machine will never have emotions because emotions are a by product of biological evolution.

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