• Yes it should

    I do think that Asperger syndrome should still remain a disorder because it does effect a lot of people. The disorder needs to stay so there is a clear diagnosis for the issues that they face and then a plan for treatment or learning how to handle the condition will occur.

  • Yes I Do

    In studying ADHD I have come across some people who have children that have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. These people seem to have a lot to deal with and they draw connections between their child's symptoms and those that are defined as Aspergers. I believe this condition does exist and it should remain a diagnosable disorder.

  • Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Forms of Autism

    Aspergers and Autism are both on the autism spectrum, Aspergers Syndrome reflecting the milder end. There are some other significant differences. People who have been diagnosed with Aspergers tend to be strong in their ability to use verbal language and they also tend to be more social even if they have struggles with how to engage appropriately with other people. It seems as if there is a need to have a different label for the two different "flavors" of autism.

  • No, Asperger's shouldn't remain a diagnosable disorder

    I do not think that Asperger syndrome should remain a diagnosable disorder. I think that there are way too many disorders these days being created by the medical field. And I think that purpose for it is so that they can sell more medications from the various drug companies that exist.

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