• Yes he is

    By having a strong force present in the Middle East it will allow government to crush rebel isis forces, thereby slowing down international terrorism so people are able to live their lives away from religious dick heads with bombs, then once they have been liquidated the oppressive but stable regime of Assad may be quashed

  • No we don´t!

    If the United States do so what other countries would think about. And it is more likely that those bad guys will turn against us, and we can no longer help other countries to get themselves to get extra hurt and are not worth it. Many people say that Syria will help us in the future, but if the war does not stop, we can only do no return to pay.

  • Is Assads fall necessary for peace in syria?

    That should be the question and the answer is yes.
    As long as this dictator is in power, syria wont see any peace. Some worldpowers dont want to see peace in syria like Russia and Iran. Its a Shame really that these are holding assad in power. Russia is fighting a cold war against the west and the victims are the syrians.

  • Assad is not needed to keep the peace in Syria.

    No, Al Assad is not needed to make or keep peace in Syria. In fact, he is actually the one who is holding up reaching a peaceful outcome. If he were to leave, that would actually provide a better chance for the people of Syria to return to a normal, peaceful society.

  • Assad needs to go.

    No, I don't think that Assad is needed to keep the peace in Syria. I think that the civil war that's going on there is largely because he refuses to make any changes or concessions. Hopefully the locals there will do what the Ukranians did to preserve peace and send him packing.

  • No it is not

    No, I do not think that Assad is needed to keep peace in Syria. I think that what needs to happen to keep peace is one of the opposing sides there needs to go and completely erase the other, and this will make them solve the conflict they are in.

  • He is not helping.

    No, I do not think that Assad is needed to keep the peace in Syria, because there is chaos in Syria, even with his leadership. Assad has not been successful in tampering the civil war and social revolution that is underway in Syria. He needs to step aside so that a new power source can emerge and fill the void.

  • He is not necesarry for peace

    You can argue that a strong-handed dictator is needed to keep peace in a country such as Syria, but I don't think that is true. While Assad has maintained peace in the past, he is clearly not doing so now, which, in itself, proves that he is not necessary for peace.

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