• Yes, I believe even an atheist may need to pray.

    Yes, I think there are probably times in an atheist's life when they are lost, depressed, or in emotional pain and they have turned to prayer. Everyone feels lost and in need of solace or divine guidance at some point in their life. Maybe it is the prayer that they feel was never answered that made them choose to declare themselves atheists.

  • Yes, I believe that atheists pray sometimes.

    I believe that atheists pray sometimes because it's natural to reach out for help. However, I believe that atheists may not know who or to what they are praying. Sometimes the culture embraces a vague spirituality and some people may pray to "out there" and not necessarily directly to God. Many people, especially under duress, pray or call out for help. This follows the old adage that "there are no atheists in foxholes."

  • I know I do

    I am an atheist. I just wish someone was on the other side, and sometimes I think there is, at least I hope so. I have a very complex relationship with people in the church. I don't know if it's god I don't believe in or the people who say they believe in god. I just feel lonely sometimes, just like everyone else.

  • I certainly hope so.

    God is there for everyone, i don't care if you are muslim, atheist, or pagan, God loves you. Besides, prayers aren't necessarily praying directly to God. It could be a simple wish, a way of relieving some tension in your life. To cerulean, who is above me on the "Yes" column, i'll pray for you, man, and i hope you find your way in life. God bless.

  • I am an atheist, but I have.

    A couple years ago, my grandma was dieing in a hospital. She asked me to pray for her. I think it was the right thing to do because she died only days later. So, atheist do sometimes pray, but we don't normally say grace or pray before every meal. Ok

  • To a god? Of course not.

    If you mean praying to a god, then no, that would be stupid. I mean, the point of atheism is not believing in god, hence the problem. If it's not to a god (not really sure how that would even work), then I guess maybe sometimes? Who are they praying to in that situation? That's what's confusing to me.

  • By definition, of course not.

    Atheists don't believe in any gods by definition. Therefore it is silly to assume that we pray- there is nothing to pray TO. It's an old, false belief of theists (mostly Christians) that everyone prays when they get into trouble or get sick. However, that is just plain untrue. Just like Christians don't magically turn to Shiva when they have difficulty in life, atheists aren't somehow turning to any god.

  • Atheists cannot "pray"

    By definition, an atheist is somebody who believes that there is no god or other supernatural deity in existence and there never has been. A prayer is a request made to a supernatural being with the hope of the request being fulfilled, but since this being does not exist within an atheists mind they cannot request anything from it. What atheists can do is hope, by which I mean they wish for a certain event to occur despite it being uncertain.

  • Theists... Please don't comment on this, you don't know us.

    No, we do not pray. I don't give a crap how badly you dilute the definition of "pray". This article is asking if we pray to a god, not if we meditate or take time to compose ourselves. The only way you pray to a god is if you believe in a god. We may mock it and ask for a sign that we never receive, but we don't ask an invisible sky daddy for help. I f we take a moment we are either being respectful to you or composing ourselves... Meditating. We are not asking your sky daddy for help.

  • You don't understand atheism.

    Do Christians sometimes pray to Allah, or vice versa? Do they occasionally believe in Santa Claus or feel the need to sacrifice to Zeus? We are not estranged from God or angry at him. We are not out of touch with religion. We find no evidence to support a god and no reason to conjure one out of thin air. The question denies the meaning of the word. It is not an expression of what we are and what we believe. Atheism is only a denial of the supernatural. I am only an atheist in regards to gods, I am also a-ghost, a-leprechaun and a-unicorn but I don't ever feel it necessary to label myself any of those because we can all agree they're silly ideas. An "atheist" who sometimes prays as I've seen some post on here are still struggling with their beliefs or have confused atheism with agnosticism.

  • No, it isn't a reasonable assumption that atheists pray sometimes.

    I do not believe that atheists pray occasionally. If a person does not believe in the existence of a God then logically that person would not pray. This is because they would have no one to pray to. If an atheist's beliefs are as concretized as perhaps, a person who does believe in God, he or she would regard prayer as an unnecessary ritual. Atheists and agnostics should not be confused, since agnostics question Gods existence and might there for occasionally pray.

  • Atheists do not seriously pray.

    Nope. I don't think atheists pray sometimes. I don't think they pray at any times. They don't believe in God. Even if they sometimes say "dear lord" or "dear god" it's just a figure of speech, not an actual exhortation to the imaginary almighty. There's no belief system there, and they're not expecting an answer.

  • There is no reason.

    What would the point be? As an agnostic, I never pray because there's no reason to. Where/what/who would my thoughts go to? It's just wishful thinking and a waste of time to me. If I need something, I will work for it. I have no idea why I, or other atheists/agnostics would ever have the need to pray.

  • Atheists can wish

    A prayer, in this context, likely means some spoken or unspoken message to a supernatural being in request of something. It is entirely reasonable, indeed plausible, for an atheist to have a wish for something, which is part of the definition of prayer. In other words, a "prayer" need not necessarily be religious.

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SoloNo.1 says2014-03-07T19:42:31.133
I can't put my answer to one or the other, because I must first ask: who would an atheist pray to? Atheism quite clearly means lack of belief in a god, so how can an atheist pray to what they do not believe in? Or is it something non-godly they pray to?

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